Overland Vehicle

Living Unit

Fire Attacker S.W.A.T. Cabinet: Aluminum Tube Frame construction

with Double skin walls.   

Power Resource

Auto Charge 1000 Battery Charger
80 Watt Solar Charging System with Monitor Panel.
25 Amp Brutus TB30-12 Inverter

5- 110V outlet


Storage Space

4- Exterior Cabinets.  (All New Gas struts)

Adjustable Shelving with 2-Aluminum

3- Santa Cruz Electric Gun Locks

Aluminum Roof Rack

Carry Total of 13 Gal. Water

Aluminum Dual Water Can Rack

2- 5 Gal. Military Scepter Water Cans

Interior Mounted 3 gal. Water cooler

Comfortable Sleeping Space

Full Size Sleeping Space

½ inch Rubber Matted Floor

3-speed in & out Fantastic Fan

Interior Mounted 3 gal. Water Cooler. 

GOBO Yacht Hatch Exit to Roof.

Fire Extinguisher & First Aid Kit.


2 Way Access to Cabinet

(Electric Over Hydraulic Rear Entrance & Side Door)

2 way Roof Access

(Aluminum Folding Swing Ladder & Folding Steps for)

Outdoor & Indoor Lights

Dual Quester Roof Mount Spot Lights.

Dual Rear LED Flood Lamps.

4 LED Side Body Night Lights.

4-Body Mount Cargo D-Rings

Rear View Wireless Cam.


Off Roading

12,100 GVW Humvee chassis H1 HUMMER with Lots of Gears


GT 9 Way Adjustable Shocks.

Run-flats & CTIS inflation system.

Good Year Wranglers Ties.

12,000 WARN Winch.

Warn Brush Guard with Dual Storage Boxes.

Aluminum Combined Spare Tire & 6 Can Cab rack.

Exterior Mounted Traction Matt, Sledge, Shovel, Ax, Pick.

4-Body Mount Cargo D-Rings.


Main Tank 25 + Aux. Tank 17 Gal. 

1 Single + 1 Dual Rear Wall Can Mounts. 
7 British 5 Gal. Fuel Cans Mounts (Front).


Rear View Wireless Cam.

Mounted Fire Extinguisher &  First Aid Kit.